Danny Ramsay – Vocals, guitar
Jay Bones – Drums
Valentin – Bass

 Mixing hammer-of-the-gods arena rock with a shot of southern sludge, Forever Town’s debut album, “Players and Dealers” is a melodic beast of stone-heavy boogie that may just steal your girlfriend (or at least make her dance).
Tough enough for metal heads, yet soulful in its classic-rock swagger, “Players and Dealers” was recorded at Austin’s famed Bubble Studios under the Midas touch of Grammy nominated producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith (Jet, Toadies, The Answer). The result is a sure bet for fans of C.O.C., Danko Jones, early KISS and Alice in Chains.
“We’re definitely a hard rock band, but each of our songs has its own character,” says Forever Town frontman Danny Ramsay. “We knew Frenchie could do a great job of capturing the identity of each song while still making the album sound cohesive. And, of course, he did an amazing job.”
From the high-voltage gallop of “Hot on the Heels of What’s Real,” to the hazy groove of “Ride That Thunder,” through the metallic build of “Are You the One?” and on to the beautifully psychedelic grunge of “Stone Heavy Love,” Forever Town showcases itself as a here-and-now band built on the strongest cornerstones of classic hard rock.
“This is righteous rock-n-roll,” Ramsay says. “There's enough bitchin' and moaning out there; it’s time to feel good again. That's where we come in.”
Opening with the clock-out anthem, “Get Loose Time,” Forever Town kicks off “Players & Dealers” with a chugging blast of hard-scratching guitars and rat-a-tat drums that trample the boss on the way to the bar. “It’s a straight-up party starter,” Ramsay says. “It’s a soulful southern-flavored rocker; a declaration of intent serving notice that we’ll do this ’til the sun comes up. Rocking is our necessity.”
Infectious lead single “Platinum Girl” is both sexy and slamming as it offers an irresistible invitation to loosen up and rock. “This one was inspired by the immortal words of Gene Simmons, who said, ‘Keep it simple stupid!” It’s a song about love, devotion and rocking out on the dance floor. A no brainer! I set out to write a dance track that rocked faces, but also had lyrics and a hook that anybody could get into.”
Channeling the harmonious mastery of the Beatles, “Soul Rebel Sinner” morphs into an anthemic shuffle that quickly becomes an immediate shout-along. “In the studio, the build-up section right before the last chorus is layered tracks of me and Jay clapping, stomping, banging on guitar cases and beating on leather couch cushions,” Ramsay says. “We added some ‘heys’ to create the sound of a parade coming up the street. I'm really pleased with the way it came out.”

In the spirit of rock-n-roll camaraderie, “My Clique” is Ramsay’s thank-you to Forever Town’s supportive friends and fans. “This is my ode to Austin,” he says. “It's a rally song, a gratitude song, a devotional to the cause of rock. It's also one of the biggest personal statements I make on the record about waving goodbye to the doubters in my life, including myself.”
When inspiration comes from a muscle car and a local hard-rock hero, the resulting song can be nothing less than an adrenaline rush. Such is the case with “Sometimes,” a song that was picked up by Rat Rod and Ride Hard magazines for inclusion on a 2013 Rat Rod Tour DVD and soundtrack titled, “Rust Vol. 1.” “I wrote that song from a car’s point of view,” Ramsay says. “It’s for all of those who worship in the church of speed. The song was also inspired by my discovery of Broken Teeth. I met (singer) Jason McMaster when I went to get some gear repaired at a South Austin music shop. He invited me out to see Broken Teeth and they completely hammered me with their ballsy, bare-knuckled rock sound. So, thanks for the inspiration, Jason!”
“Players & Dealers” is available now in our store!
Tracks: 1. Get Loose Time 2. Platinum Girl 3. Hot On the Heels of What's Real 4. Soul Rebel Sinner 5. My Clique 6. Ride That Thunder 7. Are You the One? 8. Stone Heavy Love 9. Sometimes

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